Letters From T. Rex

At the fabulous 2011 State Fair of Texas adoption drive, DFW Rescue Me nabbed a cool little Schnauzer mix guy from Dallas Animal Services. Rex and I have shared a long history together over the course of the past three years to say the very least. I’d call him family.

Pants, T. Rex, Sweetie, longtime pals: The Bitches of Eastwick (Sorry, T. Rex.)

He was placed in a home originally that sadly didn’t work out in the end. Then he was adopted to another family, but one of the kids developed an allergic reaction. Seemed like Rex was never going to find his perfect match. Then I got this Facebook message from a lady named Lauren on January 3, 2014: “I filled out an adoption application on DFW Rescue Me’s site for Rex. Is he going to be at any of the adoption events this weekend? Our family would really like to meet him. Thanks, Lauren.”

I didn’t know it then, of course, but Lauren’s message was only the beginning of what has now morphed into some of my favorite and quirkiest correspondence with any adopter. And I don’t know how she does it, but Lauren always seems to send me encouraging updates when I need them the very most. Rescue peeps know: This is what keeps us going when a bad day’s been had.

I wrote back a bit about Rex and included a picture: “Here’s Rex yesterday at 20 Ft/Goodfriends’ patio. He had a sad day and needed some extra one on one attention. He’s a star. Everybody wanted to hold him.” It was the first photo she received from me, although I think I flooded her inbox with about ten others that day. Hey, he’s cute.

Rex at 20 Ft
The picture text that started it all.


In going back and forth, I learned Lauren and her husband, Jim, had rescued a pit bull they named Brisket off the streets the year before. They’d helped Brisket conquer Parvo, and I knew if they were kind enough to do something incredible like that for a stray dog on the streets, they’d give Rex the home he deserved. Everything about them was awesome, so we scheduled a meet-and-greet.

I admit, I was sad and didn’t want to make a crazy rescue lady person scene, so my husband agreed to take Rex for me. When he returned, he said, “Perfect. It’s going to be fine. The dogs loved each other, and that couple was very cool.” He admitted he was also pretty happy-sad.

When Lauren promised to send photos and updates, she kept her word. I guess we never realized, though, it would be in the form of my dogs, Sweetie and Pants, communicating with Rex and Brisket. But, really, who could hope for anything better? I told her last month we were basically writing a wasted blog. I’m fixing that now.

That said, behold: I give you “Letters from T. Rex,” the newest installment of Six Days at the Fair. For every foster dog parent who’s found a new human friend post-adoption experience, I think you’ll understand. It’s not really just about the dogs. It’s about the people, too.

Click here for this mess.

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