I can’t foster or adopt, but I want to help!

Every year, the national dog advocacy group I’m Not a Monster hosts and coordinates a massive holiday donation drive for animals in need. Sweetie the Incredible is the network’s Dallas-Fort Worth “Monster” Elf and has selected three local beneficiaries: North Texas Pet Food Pantry, Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center, and rescue animals receiving medical care through non-profit organizations at Denton County Animal ER. Because of the large area these folks service and the amount of dogs and cats under their care, many donations are needed to ensure each animal receives a toy, bed, blanket, food, etc.


To date, we have collected quite a few items, and thanks to all who’ve been so kind and generous. However, nobody wants to decide which dog or cat receives a warm blanket or toy and which one doesn’t. That said, we really have a long way to go in order to meet our goal.

Each of the organizations and all of the animals within their spectrum are truly worthy of your donations, so when doing your holiday shopping and planning, please consider assisting the “Monster” holiday drive by:

  • hosting a holiday party where guests bring a pet supply item
  • ordering online from the wish list 
  • asking family and friends to consider making a gift in your name to the drive to honor an animal in need
  • collecting donations at work and school
  • asking pet supply stores if they have any items to donate

Your contribution can make a big difference this season. It’s a great way to get the kids involved in charitable volunteer work and can be a fun, rewarding experience. There are various donation collection areas for the drive, and our volunteers are happy to assist as well. Please see contact info below for inquiries.

Check out our wish list here. There are a ton of great items left to purchase. Thanks greatly.

Holiday cheers,

Sweetie Head Only

4 thoughts on “I can’t foster or adopt, but I want to help!”

  1. Continue to keep doing the things that you are doing and trying to get the word out there that Pitbulls, Pibble’s and Pitties are not monsters and that we should all hate the practice and the deed but never the pit bull terrier breed at all “or the ones that have the breed in them if they are mixed with them. If I wanted to send money to your charity what address would I use, please let me know what the address is so that i am able to donate money so that you can get the one thing that you are able to get for the dogs in need that need blankets. Btw, going over to Walmart they have blankets for like $5.00 to $10.00 and you are able to get those “I have bought and used them for my dogs and both my English Bulldogs love them and find comfort in using them. Thrift stores also carry and array of blankets that can be washed and dried and used . Good luck and keep on, keeping on for the animals that don’t have a forever home yet. Happy Holidays


    1. Thanks for your thoughtful reply! On the wish list, I’ve included an option for ordering gift cards in any amount to Petco because we can easily hand those out to folks in need who come to the pet food bank as well as combining them to purchase larger items like Kuranda beds for shelter/rescue pets. I can send you a direct address if you find anything for a great deal off the list for sure!

      We’ve collected about 80 fleece blankets going to Walmart and CVS, but the shelter has approx 600 kennel spaces alone, so we are very far away from achieving the goal of providing each animal with something soft and cozy for this drive.

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